Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fly you fools!

Whoops, almost a month since my last update.. there's good reason behind that! I spent pretty much most of the past three weeks in the animation labs, working on the Animal Jump assignment for TA. Without further ado: A day in the life of Private Maxwell.

 Biiig, big thanks to Jackson on this one, right from the story to the final editing and stuff :) Go check out his blog!


 This was a really cool assignment for Drawing 2, we had to design the room/living space of a known character. I hope you guys can guess who's room this is, I put some obvious clues in there. This was both fun and frustrating to work on, because I loved the character but I have no clue on how lighting works. Or filters. Photoshop is pretty cool. I kinda also watched all the LOTR movies while working on this, which made me feel pretty epic. Aaaand the character I chose was Gandalf. I probably shall not pass..

Here's some process work:  

How I feel right now that these two projects are over: 

 Until the next time, I shall go there and back again 

 Okay I'm done with the LOTR references


  1. That bottom image describes all of my feelings, too....
    Love the animation, and gandalf's roo looks AWESOME! I adore the composition of it :D

  2. Sana your drawings are so AMAZING :o ^_^