Friday, August 31, 2012

 SO. IB Art.

Two years ago, when my art teacher told me I needed 12 pieces to submit to the IB, I nearly cried. Surprisingly, I finished the course and got a 6 on 7. Mind = Blown. And this was after a very very shitty interview with the external examiner.
        Anyway, we were supposed to have a theme to follow throughout the 12 pieces. My theme started out as the strings of life, and then it evolved into the broader spectrum of "Connections". 
"Strings of Life": Oil On Canvas
"Oblivious": POV 1
Clay, Sand, Plastic Tubes, Vellum
"Oblivious" POV 2
"Wired": Clay, Wire
"Symbiosis": Clay, POV 1
"Symbiosis": Clay, POV 2

"The Gift": Pastel on Paper, Linoleum Print on Paper, Fabric, Thread
"Society": Clay, Front View
"Society": Clay, Back View
"Facade": Clay

"Encroach": Clay, Front View.

"Encroach": Clay, Back View.

"Imagine": Colour Pencil on Paper, 18"x 24"
"Shackled": Oil on Canvas
"iCon": Collage, Mixed Media

"One": Linoleum Print on Canvas, 8ft. x 3 ft.
Edit: I have another piece, a digital painting. I'll upload soon as I find it.