Thursday, September 20, 2012

First Semester at Ringling

.. is probably the most hectic curriculum I've ever done. IB can hang its head in shame. 
Sleep is for the weak!

Gallery Assignment for Perspective: I decided to make the inside of a robot's brain a museum, hence the cogs and computer chips everywhere. Also, all humanity is slowly being wiped away by technology, so the few humans that actually care try to save the last bits of life from being lost. 

Figure Drawing: 40 minute pose. Need to improve. 

2D Design - Diptych 

Inventive Cityscape: For perspective. Temples are hard to detail o.o but it was pretty fun to do this!  

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Thought I'd put up my accepted portfolio to Ringling. I'd Almost forgotten how much I love color pencils and dry pastels! Prismacolor, Y U no cheap?

Gotta love guitars. But what gets more love? Guitar and hands drawn with color pencils :)

Chalk Pastel. Such an awesomely messy medium.
Colour pencil~

Another Precollege piece. 15 - 30 seconds gestures.

Contemporary dance is amazing. Drawing the gestures: even more so.

Markers are awesome.

This final one is a character development/turnaround I did in precollege the year before, and it developed into one of my IB art pieces. It was so much fun to do!