Friday, December 7, 2012

And the final dun dun done of them all

2D design - We had to make an abstract composition and then convert it to a realistic image. Not gonna lie, I kinda decided what the representational image would be and worked on the abstract according to that. The idea was inspired by the Cloud Atlas Sextet from the most amazing movie of all time - Cloud Atlas. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT NOWWWWWWW it's mind blowingly asesomeeeee asdjhf kadhf~

Anywhoo here it is, the only 2D project that I'm kind of proud of:

I tried mimicking John P Smolko's technique of making up objects from scribbles.. it was fun (and of course time consuming) to do. But now I'm officially DONEEEEEEEEE

Time to go home, sleep and eat.

Dun dun done continued - Figure


Our teacher had us do a 20 minute drawing on the first day of class way back in August when we were all super scared and anxious and extremely out of touch.. And he made us do another 20 minute drawing on the last day of class to (hopefully) see our improvement. What entailed was this:

The left is old, the right is new. I feel like there's no way anyone CAN'T improve if you are constantly working.. which is why i really need to up my game this winter break, draw lots and lots of people and NOT get lazy. But I can do all this and get enough sleep :)))

I'll post more of these but for now, a foreshortening pose:

Lots to improve about this too, the shadows and stuff aren't the best and the figure could be changed up in a lot of places. 

Dun dun dun doooooone

One does not simply get enough sleep during finals week.. Here's a culmination of things from this semester, some of which are final projects. I feel like I've improved from the start.. I can't wait to look back and see how much more I've improved at the end of the first year!

Coffee, by the way, is my new BFF. 

Perspective Final: 'The Sky is Falling!'
There are a number of things that aren't right about this; most importantly, the lighting. I shall change it and I might even color it in the holidays.. YES. HOLIDAYS.

Futuristic Vehicle:
This supposed to be a cool-looking alien tank thing which has forcefields instead of glass and they've invaded earth and all.. the usual. Maybe this is foreboding the end of the world. 

Interior room in 2 pt Perspective:
This was an interesting assignment because these rooms were not our concepts. We all wrote down ideas for our rooms and handed them into our teacher, who then jumbled it up and randomly handed it out to everyone. My concept was a rookie french cinematographer who lived just above a bar, messy as hell, his room looking like it was struck by a tornado with storyboards and film reels everywhere, dirty dishes, the works. What I got was a clean, organized Lawyer's room, one who neglected his family. It was challenging to be neat but rewarding too! This was the first time I tried markers and I can say that I've grown quite fond of them.